Barbara Colvin & Co.


Barbara Colvin & Co., located in the heart of the Napa Valley, provides a full range of lifestyle design services, including architectural liaison, project management, and materials sourcing. Colvin draws inspiration from the Valley’s natural beauty, frequent global sourcing trips, and years of experience as a product and textile designer. Colvin likes to combine natural colors, organic textures, and authentic materials, including indigenous stone, reclaimed wood, oxidized metals, and plastered walls. Inventive pairings of new with old create a feeling of sophistication balanced with an agrarian sensibility. Colvin’s diverse projects have in common a warm, welcoming ambiance—a signature blend of everyday livability and functional hospitality. To execute each client’s vision, Colvin hand picks a team of designers, architects, contractors, and master craftsmen. From the conceptual big picture to the myriad of aesthetic details, Colvin’s team works to express the client’s identity, values, and dreams.


1350 Yount Mill Road, Napa, CA 94558

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